Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life's Candy Sprinkles

I read an article on the internet and it was talking about the candy sprinkles in your life!! Never having thought about the wonderful things in life ...comparing them to candy sprinkles, it just peaked my thougths on this.

What are the candy sprinkles in your life? Your family; the fun things that you do; hearing your grandchild or child saying something so funny or amazing; the way your husband looks at you? We all could make a list of these sprinkles that make up what our lives are.

I am so blessed as my readers already know to have had one of the best marriages that any women could have ever had!! I have a dedicated, loving, kind and gentle husband that loves me no matter what!! No matter what I have become over these years or just how much fat has managed to catch up with me. This is like the sprinkles on the top of a wonderful ice cream sundae!! I need to learn to watch for these tiny but wonderful times in my life and treasure them.

Sprinkles in your life also might be when you go to the ocean and see those waves beating the shore. Looking at the horizon and thinking that it will never end. Watching that first flower bloom in the Spring and smelling its wonderful fragrance. Watching a rainbow form outside your window right after a rain and knowing that God is still in control of our world. There are so many wonderful sprinkles of candy in our lives!! Start looking for them.

I think we all are the same. We get busy with things and miss out on the wonderful parts of our lives.

The times when your grandchild uses that first BIG word and you wonder just how did he know to use that. I love remembering stuff like that and putting in deep into my heart!! Colored Candy Sprinkles in our life is the most amazing thing if we learn to watch for them.


My life has settled down some but will be coming to a full halt soon!! Our daughter Becky and her family have sold their home here in Savannah and will soon be moving back to Normal, Illinois. They have found a home almost close to where Becky was born. This home has room in the basement for an old couple...US!! We will be moving once our home sells. This is a bitter sweet sort of thing to me. I LOVE living in Georgia as I have always wanted to live in the South but now I know that I have had that chance and it is time to move on.

I just got over being so very sick!! It was terrible. I must have had strept to be as sick as I was. Still finishing up my anti-biotic. It took about 5 days of it to just get me back to myself!!

I am still working part time at Curves. I go in this afternoon. Our curves air conditioner was hit by a bad storm that went through this past Sunday night. Now they are saying no air until the end of the week...MAYBE!! It is very hard to work out in a place without air!! I will just have to sit there and hope that someone comes in!! Should be a fun afternoon.

My hubby is doing great just needs to retire!! We are hoping to soon but our home is stopping us for now.

Thunder is sounding outside so maybe a good thunder storm is on its way!! Always helps with this heat that we have been experiencing. Welcome to the South!!

Thought for the day:
"Don't worry about avoiding temptation. As you grow older it will avoid you." Winston Churchill