Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A fun Day!!

I have had a really nice day today!! I wanted to put it down so that I could remember it someday when I move away from Savannah!!

This morning I walked over to my friend Tootsie's home. We had a cup of coffee then took off for downtown Savannah!! I have always loved going down there!! It just holds so much history and so when I go I always think how fortunate I am to live in this special place. Someday I am going to really miss this great old city!!

We found a parking place at a parking deck. This is the hardest thing when going down town...Parking!! We started walking and going into the little shops on Broughton Street. We had reservatons at the Savannah Tea Room for 11:30 so had some time to walk around and just look. Some of those shops are so very expensive...You need to be very rich just to buy one thing. We found a real nice store called Go Fish!! I thought I heard Christian music and sure enough it was a very nice Christian boutique!! They had some beautiful things but again I could only look.

We finally decided that we had better go to the Tea Room. It was so very HOT and I was really getting miserable in the heat. We went in and were seated right away. Tootsie had remembered her camera and mine was at home on the kitchen table!! I had forgotten it!! She had our waitress take a picture of the two of us!! I would post them but like I said, silly me forgot!!

We ordered. I got my routine tomato and brocolli quiche. Tootsie had a spinach salad which was really good. No hot tea this time...just too HOT for hot tea. I had a peach iced tea!! We ate and really enjoyed just sitting there and enjoying our fellowship and our food!! I have really enjoyed getting to know Tootsie. I will so hate leaving her someday once our home sells.

We finished up and decided to do some more walking and looking!! We stopped at a very small store and Tootsie found a really pretty purse for her daughter. I bought a bill fold!! I saw a black straw purse and I should have bought it but I didn't. I think I may make another trip tomorrow back there.

We finally were so HOT and miserable that we went back to the car and headed off down Abercorn to the movies. We went to the WynnSong Cinemas and bought tickets for "Grown Ups". Tootsie had to get her popcorn and two drinks. She always brings a plastic bag and after eating a bit she pours the popcorn in the plastic bag then runs back and gets another whole big bag of popcorn. I never can eat that much!! Tonight I am not having supper...I am still full from this day of eating!!

The movie was just great!! We laughed and laughed. Tootsie just loved it. So good to go to a movie where you can laugh again.

We next went to Burlington and exchanged a real pretty top that Tootsie had bought for me in Texas. It just did not fit right on my crazy mixed up body shape. I got a real nice top and think I will enjoy it.

We finally got home and I got into PJ's almost immediately!! I am tired and need to just veg tonight. Talked to Mike. He flies out of Bloomington/Normal tomorrow morning and gets into Jacksonville around 4:30. I have to work tomorrow evening so will get off about the time he gets home!!

I have enjoyed some alone time but it is time to go back to having my sweetheart here. He has had a great time being with the kids in Illinois. They have a beautiful home there and once our home sells here in Savannah we will be moving there also. Mike wanted to see the basement layout and see how he could design it for when we move there. He really needed to get away so this has been some good down time for him.

Hope all is good with all of my blogging friends. I am so behind anymore! No excuse!!

Thougth for the day: "If God put you in the wringer, then you are worth washing!!"

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life's Candy Sprinkles

I read an article on the internet and it was talking about the candy sprinkles in your life!! Never having thought about the wonderful things in life ...comparing them to candy sprinkles, it just peaked my thougths on this.

What are the candy sprinkles in your life? Your family; the fun things that you do; hearing your grandchild or child saying something so funny or amazing; the way your husband looks at you? We all could make a list of these sprinkles that make up what our lives are.

I am so blessed as my readers already know to have had one of the best marriages that any women could have ever had!! I have a dedicated, loving, kind and gentle husband that loves me no matter what!! No matter what I have become over these years or just how much fat has managed to catch up with me. This is like the sprinkles on the top of a wonderful ice cream sundae!! I need to learn to watch for these tiny but wonderful times in my life and treasure them.

Sprinkles in your life also might be when you go to the ocean and see those waves beating the shore. Looking at the horizon and thinking that it will never end. Watching that first flower bloom in the Spring and smelling its wonderful fragrance. Watching a rainbow form outside your window right after a rain and knowing that God is still in control of our world. There are so many wonderful sprinkles of candy in our lives!! Start looking for them.

I think we all are the same. We get busy with things and miss out on the wonderful parts of our lives.

The times when your grandchild uses that first BIG word and you wonder just how did he know to use that. I love remembering stuff like that and putting in deep into my heart!! Colored Candy Sprinkles in our life is the most amazing thing if we learn to watch for them.


My life has settled down some but will be coming to a full halt soon!! Our daughter Becky and her family have sold their home here in Savannah and will soon be moving back to Normal, Illinois. They have found a home almost close to where Becky was born. This home has room in the basement for an old couple...US!! We will be moving once our home sells. This is a bitter sweet sort of thing to me. I LOVE living in Georgia as I have always wanted to live in the South but now I know that I have had that chance and it is time to move on.

I just got over being so very sick!! It was terrible. I must have had strept to be as sick as I was. Still finishing up my anti-biotic. It took about 5 days of it to just get me back to myself!!

I am still working part time at Curves. I go in this afternoon. Our curves air conditioner was hit by a bad storm that went through this past Sunday night. Now they are saying no air until the end of the week...MAYBE!! It is very hard to work out in a place without air!! I will just have to sit there and hope that someone comes in!! Should be a fun afternoon.

My hubby is doing great just needs to retire!! We are hoping to soon but our home is stopping us for now.

Thunder is sounding outside so maybe a good thunder storm is on its way!! Always helps with this heat that we have been experiencing. Welcome to the South!!

Thought for the day:
"Don't worry about avoiding temptation. As you grow older it will avoid you." Winston Churchill

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My week

Saturdays..They used to be a fun day but now since Mike has this new job he only gets one off a month...SOOOO that leave me here alone with the cats!! I am so happy for his new job!! He has been doing a tremendous job of late. He missed the last quarter bonus but if it keeps up like now he will get one at the end of this next quarter. He is really trying to make one!!

I have had a week with the dentist, kids, working and my last bible study till Fall. The dentist is never a place where I WANT to go!! Mike just received "some" dental insurance with his new job..I say some because the cap or top is $1400.00. I have used that on ONE TOOTH!! I don't think they mean for you to USE it!!

I went this past Wednesday!! It was cold in there so they gave me a blanket which really helped my shaking/nerves!! I have had really bad experiences with dentists when I was young and to this day STILL hate going!!

This new doctor was really good but of all the things even the injections I simply hate the drilling!! Oh that just gives me chills everywhere!! This tooth had to be completely ground down and a cap or a crown put on it...When he was through and I had stopped trembling...I had just a little stump of the orginial tooth. They kept asking me if I was okay!! You know what is so funny is how they ask you QUESTIONS in a dentist office!! Your mouth is propped WIDE open (oh and contrary to what people say..I have a very small mouth)!! You are all opened up and they ask a question...It had been be YES or NO because anything else and well how do you talk with your mouth open???

Finally once all of the drilling was over..Praise God for that...I had to let the tooth dry..mouth wide open again. They had taken an impression for the real cap/crown (I like the word crown better). Also they made a plastic crown that I have in now for 2 weeks!! I go back and they put the REAL CROWN on..hopefully this one will stay. My temporary fell off the first day!!

That sound like the bad part, BUT the real bad part is having to pay!! I paid half and now in 2 weeks somehow I have to find the other half!! Hm!! This is the bad part!!

Our car needs to go to the car doctor too..more money!! What is wrong anymore? People want money all over the place. The older you get the less you have!!

I hated to see my bible study end. BUT!! WE will start back up in the Fall with the second half of Jeremiah!! I may do one on my own this summer. i miss having a regular structured one to attend. I have to be made to have it all done and studied!!

We lowered our home a little bit!! Wondering what will happen if it sells. Only God has that answer as we are clueless for sure. Our daughter and family are still trying to sell. They need to get back together as a family again. Roger will be coming back in June for Madison's 5th grade graduation. Her school goes to 5th grade so they always graduate. After this year, though, it is going on one grade a year. She wants so badly to move to Illinois and go to school there but right now again no one knows for sure.

My parents are doing pretty well right now. Dad has his times of being not himself and out of touch with reality!! Mother is hanging in trying to help him through all of this. They have been married 66 years now...that is a long time!! Dad will be 92 in August!! Bless him!!

Well not much else. All is about the same here. Just doing what needs to be done!! I need to get out and read everyone's blogs more. Sorry. I really am so busy. I thought that retirement was not this busy but then again it is good to keep going and going and going!!

Thought for the day: "I am who I am, you'r approval isn't needed." I know what sounds a little harsh but thought it was good when I feel so down on myself!! Only God's approval is needed...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sitting here trying to think of what I need to "Ramble" about and cannot think of much!! Can you believe that I cannot think of anything to say!! WHEW, Mike would say that the world must be standing still for you not to think of something to say!!

Got up with a stupid headache!! They have to be stupid....they certainly are not SMART!! It has been raining off and on here. My flowers are really loving this good rain from the heavens...they always love it more than whatever I can do for them. This year I have pretty gardenia, hibiscus coming, lantana and daylilies!! I always love the lilies because they are so big and looking straight up!! They are glorious and seem to know it!! Guess I should take a lesson from them.

I worked last night. We had a pretty steady night with some fun people coming in. I always enjoy working there if for nothing else than the people. Had a new lady come in and she lost 11.5 inches. I was so proud of her!! She was thrilled with herself too. What a nice amount of inches to get rid of!!

Today is my day at home. Tomorrow starts taking care of kids...a BIG dental appt where I am getting a cap after a bunch of work...last bible study this Spring is Thursday AM and then more working and more watching kids to round out the week!!

I have really loved Jeremiah!! Poor man!! I really feel bad for this prophet of God. He was told by God at a young age that he would be speaking for HIM and that no one would listen!! Now that is a horrible job description...don't ya think? He is told that he will never marry or have children...this is his job in life to try to tell people to turn their lives over to Christ and leave those idols behind!! What a job!! Next Fall we will finish the second part!!

Last night was the last night for our favorite..24!! We have watched that from almost the beginning ...8 years now!! I was so glad that the main character was not killed at the end but had the chance to get away!! Just made me feel better. I hear that they may make a movie...I know a bunch of my family that will go to that one!!

Well bible study here I come. Need to get into it more today so that I am ready for Thursday morning!! Please pray for my dentist appt in the morning!! Never have liked dentists...UGH!!

Thougth for the day: "Don't worry about avoiding temptation. As you grow older it will avoid you." Winston Churchill...smart man!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Retail Therapy????

I got this idea in my head that I would LOVE to have a new dress...you know one that you could just put on and go out the door anytime!! I did not know that it was going to be such a trying affair....

First of all I am over weight...that does not help...then I am short waisted...then I have small shoulders...then I have big boobs....put that all together and it spells NO DRESS for me!!

I got to go with my daughter so that was fun...but even at that she could just put clothes on and they just fit her!! I used to be that way "once upon a time"... BUT now I am just not a candidate for a dress. I must have tried on dozens of them...all pretty and attractive on the hangers but once on me the attractiveness went CLEAN away!!

I thought that I would wear one of those silly long topped girdles and maybe in a pinch it might help!! Guess what not even that helped.

We walked all day and I got really tired. Finally even after Becky and I split up I tried one more time. Still no dress but I did find a pair of capri's!! Shopping from 10:00-almost 4:00 and one pair of capri's...OH well!! I definitely gave it a good try.

I came home all hot and mad at myself...mostly!! Tired to get that darn girdle thingy off. It got all twisted up around my waist. It would not go down and it would not go up!! I stood there thinking that I might have to wear this blasted squeezing thing forever..I thought about cutting it off or just keeping it there and suffering till Mike got home. Finally with one big jerk and a lot of patience I got that stupid thing off!! NO DRESS but battling a stupid crazy clingy girdle!!
That was my day yesterday!! Today I gave up dress shopping to clean our home!! Hopefully everyone in blog land is having a great day!! I am done now so sitting and watching a movie!! One of my favotie things to do!! I have the new streaming software from Netflix. Good way to find a movie to watch!!
Thought for the day: "If you look at what you DO NOT have in life, You don't have anything. If you look at what you HAVE in life, You have everything!!"

Monday, May 17, 2010

OLD..am I getting OLD????


Today is one of those days where you sit back and reflect on your age...You see today our oldest granddaughter, Brie is 21!! How can it be? Someone tell me it is NOT TRUE!! I remember the day she was born. Everyone that should be was there!! The nurse brought her out but could not really show her to us. We had to wait until she got behind the window. They laid her on a warming table. I will never forget...they laid her there and she just stretched her arms and legs out like saying..wow I was in a too small space for way too long!! THEN when we got to hold her...never will forget that either!! She was such a beautiful baby!! I held her and cried!! Tears of pure joy to be able to see my first grandchild!! WHAT a blessing!! God was good!!

Brie age 1 eating her first birthday cake!!

She has grown up to be a very lovely young Christian lady!! She is in nurses training. It has been very very hard for her to make it these two years..Not in academics just in trying to find the money to STAY in school!! I know it is so so hard. She seems very determined to stick it out and get her degree!! I feel like she will do it!! I wish that our ship would come in so that we could send her money to help her out...but I am not crossing my fingers for that boat to come floating in...REALLY I think it capsized and SUNK many many moons ago!! We have finally just made up our minds that we are not RICH in money but RICH in LIFE and in LOVE!! Unfortunately that will not help Brie out one bit!! We can pray for her and that is what we do!! Someday she will have that diploma/degree stating that she is now a full-fledged RN!! That will be a wonderful day!!

When she finally becomes a Nurse we will then have 3 nurses in our family!! We are a very blessed family!! Hopefully good help in our time of distress!! DISTRESS...that is just getting older...that is what happens..Remember I have said before that my mother does not call these times the GOLDEN YEARS!! She calls them the TARNISHED YEARS!! Boy do I agree!!

Had to go to the dentist this morning. With Mike's new job we got some dental insurance. I say some because I found out this morning that I can only get one tooth done to be able to have insurance that will help. I go this next week and get started on a crown and trying to save a very important tooth!! I had a great cleaning today..too bad it was lunch time because I had to mess up that great taste in my mouth!! Now to find the EXTRA money that I am going to need for this one tooth!! Money is such a stable in our world today!! WHERE did bartering go? I would love to do that again!!

Just wanted you to know that I am dragging my rear today thinking of my oldest granddaughter being an adult now!! SAD but LIFE happens!! Oh, my mother is doing well. She did fall this week and it hurt pretty bad but she says she is fine now!! Cannot keep a good lady down!!

Thought for the day:

"Women are angels. And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to FLY....on a broomstick..BECAUSE we are FLEXIBLE!!" YEAP....TRUE!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ramblings of a middle-aged goddess

I have been flip flop floozie for years now so thought IF I changed my name and started fresh again maybe I could learn to blog again!! Let's see if this works.

I am now a Senior Citizen so I figured that makes me a middle-aged lady/goddess!! I, of course, do not think of myself as even close to a goddess but my good friend Lazy Daisy gave me my first blog name so I thought it was fitting for her to give me my 2nd blog name.

For my birthday this past February (when I turned 65) she sent me the cutest card. Here is what the inside said!!

So our buns aren't as tight

and our breasts aren't as perky,

and the skin on our chins

makes us look like a turkey...

What was flat is now round.

There's no need to be modest!

We've matured from "young girls"

into "middle-aged goddess!"

Now you see where I came up with my "new name"!! From Lazy Daisy once again off to my friends in blog land. I hope that you will find me now and keep up with my ancient musings!! They will not be mind blowing or very wise but it is just ME again trying to blog!!

Take care and look for me at this new address!!

Thought for the day:

"The cheapest face-lift is a good laugh!!" (How true..keep smiling)