Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ramblings of a middle-aged goddess

I have been flip flop floozie for years now so thought IF I changed my name and started fresh again maybe I could learn to blog again!! Let's see if this works.

I am now a Senior Citizen so I figured that makes me a middle-aged lady/goddess!! I, of course, do not think of myself as even close to a goddess but my good friend Lazy Daisy gave me my first blog name so I thought it was fitting for her to give me my 2nd blog name.

For my birthday this past February (when I turned 65) she sent me the cutest card. Here is what the inside said!!

So our buns aren't as tight

and our breasts aren't as perky,

and the skin on our chins

makes us look like a turkey...

What was flat is now round.

There's no need to be modest!

We've matured from "young girls"

into "middle-aged goddess!"

Now you see where I came up with my "new name"!! From Lazy Daisy once again off to my friends in blog land. I hope that you will find me now and keep up with my ancient musings!! They will not be mind blowing or very wise but it is just ME again trying to blog!!

Take care and look for me at this new address!!

Thought for the day:

"The cheapest face-lift is a good laugh!!" (How true..keep smiling)


  1. I think it's a Wonderful name! Glad to know ya, Goddess!

  2. Darlin', if a face-lift and a new name is all you need to start yappin' again - I'm all FOR it! But you'll ALWAYS be Goddess Floozie to me!!!

  3. Cute cute and I will delete the Flip Flop and add this one......... I like the fun of this one!

    Have a blessed Sunday.....

  4. I like this name, Just didn't think of you as a floozie ! Like the poem too !

  5. I love your new name AND your new look. I think you may be onto something! I may have to do the same thing!!

  6. Hey babe, or do I refer to you as goddess? I did pay homage to you by giving you burn offering (dinner) at our last visit. I love the new name and of course you know I adore you. Welcome back. Miss you.

  7. Hi, haven't stopped by in a while and look at you: you have moved!! congratulations on your second blog :)
    Love your thought for the day!!