Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sitting here trying to think of what I need to "Ramble" about and cannot think of much!! Can you believe that I cannot think of anything to say!! WHEW, Mike would say that the world must be standing still for you not to think of something to say!!

Got up with a stupid headache!! They have to be stupid....they certainly are not SMART!! It has been raining off and on here. My flowers are really loving this good rain from the heavens...they always love it more than whatever I can do for them. This year I have pretty gardenia, hibiscus coming, lantana and daylilies!! I always love the lilies because they are so big and looking straight up!! They are glorious and seem to know it!! Guess I should take a lesson from them.

I worked last night. We had a pretty steady night with some fun people coming in. I always enjoy working there if for nothing else than the people. Had a new lady come in and she lost 11.5 inches. I was so proud of her!! She was thrilled with herself too. What a nice amount of inches to get rid of!!

Today is my day at home. Tomorrow starts taking care of kids...a BIG dental appt where I am getting a cap after a bunch of work...last bible study this Spring is Thursday AM and then more working and more watching kids to round out the week!!

I have really loved Jeremiah!! Poor man!! I really feel bad for this prophet of God. He was told by God at a young age that he would be speaking for HIM and that no one would listen!! Now that is a horrible job description...don't ya think? He is told that he will never marry or have children...this is his job in life to try to tell people to turn their lives over to Christ and leave those idols behind!! What a job!! Next Fall we will finish the second part!!

Last night was the last night for our favorite..24!! We have watched that from almost the beginning ...8 years now!! I was so glad that the main character was not killed at the end but had the chance to get away!! Just made me feel better. I hear that they may make a movie...I know a bunch of my family that will go to that one!!

Well bible study here I come. Need to get into it more today so that I am ready for Thursday morning!! Please pray for my dentist appt in the morning!! Never have liked dentists...UGH!!

Thougth for the day: "Don't worry about avoiding temptation. As you grow older it will avoid you." Winston Churchill...smart man!!


  1. Hey babe, hope you got rid of your headache. I watched the finale of Gray's Anatomy and the last of Lost. Both were intense! I lived through my crown. Gotcha all prayed up. Miss you.

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