Saturday, May 22, 2010

Retail Therapy????

I got this idea in my head that I would LOVE to have a new know one that you could just put on and go out the door anytime!! I did not know that it was going to be such a trying affair....

First of all I am over weight...that does not help...then I am short waisted...then I have small shoulders...then I have big boobs....put that all together and it spells NO DRESS for me!!

I got to go with my daughter so that was fun...but even at that she could just put clothes on and they just fit her!! I used to be that way "once upon a time"... BUT now I am just not a candidate for a dress. I must have tried on dozens of them...all pretty and attractive on the hangers but once on me the attractiveness went CLEAN away!!

I thought that I would wear one of those silly long topped girdles and maybe in a pinch it might help!! Guess what not even that helped.

We walked all day and I got really tired. Finally even after Becky and I split up I tried one more time. Still no dress but I did find a pair of capri's!! Shopping from 10:00-almost 4:00 and one pair of capri's...OH well!! I definitely gave it a good try.

I came home all hot and mad at myself...mostly!! Tired to get that darn girdle thingy off. It got all twisted up around my waist. It would not go down and it would not go up!! I stood there thinking that I might have to wear this blasted squeezing thing forever..I thought about cutting it off or just keeping it there and suffering till Mike got home. Finally with one big jerk and a lot of patience I got that stupid thing off!! NO DRESS but battling a stupid crazy clingy girdle!!
That was my day yesterday!! Today I gave up dress shopping to clean our home!! Hopefully everyone in blog land is having a great day!! I am done now so sitting and watching a movie!! One of my favotie things to do!! I have the new streaming software from Netflix. Good way to find a movie to watch!!
Thought for the day: "If you look at what you DO NOT have in life, You don't have anything. If you look at what you HAVE in life, You have everything!!"


  1. Hi Sandy. When I read that you had moved...I thought, Yay! they've sold their house.'ve just moved blogs. Fair enough, a change is as good as a rest, it is said.

    I know what it's like buying dresses...have you thought of a skirt and top? Much easier as you can buy flattering tops and don't have to worry about wearing a girdle and being trussed up like the Christmas turkey. Nasty things...girdles, I mean, not turkeys.

    Anyway, the nice thing about it is that you got to spend time with your daughter. I treasure those moments.

    Love the new blog and I'm glad you haven't disappeared.

  2. Sounds like a trying day and certainly not good for your self esteem. You are a totally beautiful woman of "traditional build" and not meant to wear the crazy teen fashions . I like you just the way you are and so does God.