Monday, May 17, 2010 I getting OLD????


Today is one of those days where you sit back and reflect on your age...You see today our oldest granddaughter, Brie is 21!! How can it be? Someone tell me it is NOT TRUE!! I remember the day she was born. Everyone that should be was there!! The nurse brought her out but could not really show her to us. We had to wait until she got behind the window. They laid her on a warming table. I will never forget...they laid her there and she just stretched her arms and legs out like I was in a too small space for way too long!! THEN when we got to hold her...never will forget that either!! She was such a beautiful baby!! I held her and cried!! Tears of pure joy to be able to see my first grandchild!! WHAT a blessing!! God was good!!

Brie age 1 eating her first birthday cake!!

She has grown up to be a very lovely young Christian lady!! She is in nurses training. It has been very very hard for her to make it these two years..Not in academics just in trying to find the money to STAY in school!! I know it is so so hard. She seems very determined to stick it out and get her degree!! I feel like she will do it!! I wish that our ship would come in so that we could send her money to help her out...but I am not crossing my fingers for that boat to come floating in...REALLY I think it capsized and SUNK many many moons ago!! We have finally just made up our minds that we are not RICH in money but RICH in LIFE and in LOVE!! Unfortunately that will not help Brie out one bit!! We can pray for her and that is what we do!! Someday she will have that diploma/degree stating that she is now a full-fledged RN!! That will be a wonderful day!!

When she finally becomes a Nurse we will then have 3 nurses in our family!! We are a very blessed family!! Hopefully good help in our time of distress!! DISTRESS...that is just getting older...that is what happens..Remember I have said before that my mother does not call these times the GOLDEN YEARS!! She calls them the TARNISHED YEARS!! Boy do I agree!!

Had to go to the dentist this morning. With Mike's new job we got some dental insurance. I say some because I found out this morning that I can only get one tooth done to be able to have insurance that will help. I go this next week and get started on a crown and trying to save a very important tooth!! I had a great cleaning today..too bad it was lunch time because I had to mess up that great taste in my mouth!! Now to find the EXTRA money that I am going to need for this one tooth!! Money is such a stable in our world today!! WHERE did bartering go? I would love to do that again!!

Just wanted you to know that I am dragging my rear today thinking of my oldest granddaughter being an adult now!! SAD but LIFE happens!! Oh, my mother is doing well. She did fall this week and it hurt pretty bad but she says she is fine now!! Cannot keep a good lady down!!

Thought for the day:

"Women are angels. And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to FLY....on a broomstick..BECAUSE we are FLEXIBLE!!" YEAP....TRUE!!


  1. Hi Sandy! Your grand daughter is so pretty! You should be so proud of her and I know you are. I think your knew blog is neat!! Love your bees flying around!! How cute!! Love and hugs Grams

  2. Pretty pretty face......... and both my wings have been broken and my broom stick has earned me a BAD reputation .. BUT they just do not know the real angel in me! hahahhahah


  3. Hi Sandy, wishing a "happy 21st birthday to Brie".. our grands are catching up with us in age!!! Good luck with her nursing degree..can she work at a hospital as an aide and get help pursuing her RN??

    I like the looks of your new blog site..
    Hugs, Barb

  4. Hi Sandy!
    Happy birthday to your Brie!
    She'll make it through to that RN. You know, she should just go to financial aid and cry. Believe it or not, it works.

  5. Happy birthday to Brie!!! She will make it through school....God WILL make a way.
    By the way, you are NOT old....just experienced!!!!