Saturday, May 29, 2010

My week

Saturdays..They used to be a fun day but now since Mike has this new job he only gets one off a month...SOOOO that leave me here alone with the cats!! I am so happy for his new job!! He has been doing a tremendous job of late. He missed the last quarter bonus but if it keeps up like now he will get one at the end of this next quarter. He is really trying to make one!!

I have had a week with the dentist, kids, working and my last bible study till Fall. The dentist is never a place where I WANT to go!! Mike just received "some" dental insurance with his new job..I say some because the cap or top is $1400.00. I have used that on ONE TOOTH!! I don't think they mean for you to USE it!!

I went this past Wednesday!! It was cold in there so they gave me a blanket which really helped my shaking/nerves!! I have had really bad experiences with dentists when I was young and to this day STILL hate going!!

This new doctor was really good but of all the things even the injections I simply hate the drilling!! Oh that just gives me chills everywhere!! This tooth had to be completely ground down and a cap or a crown put on it...When he was through and I had stopped trembling...I had just a little stump of the orginial tooth. They kept asking me if I was okay!! You know what is so funny is how they ask you QUESTIONS in a dentist office!! Your mouth is propped WIDE open (oh and contrary to what people say..I have a very small mouth)!! You are all opened up and they ask a question...It had been be YES or NO because anything else and well how do you talk with your mouth open???

Finally once all of the drilling was over..Praise God for that...I had to let the tooth dry..mouth wide open again. They had taken an impression for the real cap/crown (I like the word crown better). Also they made a plastic crown that I have in now for 2 weeks!! I go back and they put the REAL CROWN on..hopefully this one will stay. My temporary fell off the first day!!

That sound like the bad part, BUT the real bad part is having to pay!! I paid half and now in 2 weeks somehow I have to find the other half!! Hm!! This is the bad part!!

Our car needs to go to the car doctor too..more money!! What is wrong anymore? People want money all over the place. The older you get the less you have!!

I hated to see my bible study end. BUT!! WE will start back up in the Fall with the second half of Jeremiah!! I may do one on my own this summer. i miss having a regular structured one to attend. I have to be made to have it all done and studied!!

We lowered our home a little bit!! Wondering what will happen if it sells. Only God has that answer as we are clueless for sure. Our daughter and family are still trying to sell. They need to get back together as a family again. Roger will be coming back in June for Madison's 5th grade graduation. Her school goes to 5th grade so they always graduate. After this year, though, it is going on one grade a year. She wants so badly to move to Illinois and go to school there but right now again no one knows for sure.

My parents are doing pretty well right now. Dad has his times of being not himself and out of touch with reality!! Mother is hanging in trying to help him through all of this. They have been married 66 years now...that is a long time!! Dad will be 92 in August!! Bless him!!

Well not much else. All is about the same here. Just doing what needs to be done!! I need to get out and read everyone's blogs more. Sorry. I really am so busy. I thought that retirement was not this busy but then again it is good to keep going and going and going!!

Thought for the day: "I am who I am, you'r approval isn't needed." I know what sounds a little harsh but thought it was good when I feel so down on myself!! Only God's approval is needed...


  1. I am fine....... just like many of us the summer time pulls us away...... Getting older is a challenge for sure...... Glad to hear that your Mom and Dad are well...... On this end we are looking for nursing homes for Mom and Dad... breaks my heart but I just cannot do this alone anymore..........

    Have a wonderful weekend......


  2. Hi Sandy! Sure sounds like you had quite a time at the dentist! whew! Today is my daughter Carrie's 53rd Birthday!! wow! How did that happened!! It doesn't seem that long ago I was in my fifty's!!
    My son Bill is doing a lot better and working part time. I think I told you he had a heart attack.
    He is trying to do what the Doctor said.

    My daughter Karen leaves in the morning to go to Hatti for a missions trip with her church for a week. It is so hot there I hope she will be ok... it is hot here but we can be in AC when we need it...
    Going out to decorate my Mom and Dads graves today. and the kids grandparents on theirs Dads side.
    Hugs, Grams

  3. Hello dear Sandy:-)

    Finally having a chance to come visit your new it!! Well it sure sounds like you've been very busy and like I always say, we need more hours in a day to do everything we want to do! lol I've been so busy lately, I honestly get to bed completely exhausted every night.

    Oh noooo, you said the "D" word! lol I always tell my dentist that it's nothing personal but I really hate going to see him! lol Like you, I had bad experiences at the dentist when I was young and it truly petrifies me to go. It's a good thing I have good teeth and don't need to go see him too often! hehe Isn't it ridiculous how expensive it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg!!!

    I'm really hoping for you that your house sells and also that of your daughter's. It has to be so hard having to stay when you really want to move. The house market over here is doing really well for a change!

    Your parents certainly have been together for a very long! It has to be hard on your mom taking care of your dad but no doubt she's exactly where she wants to be:-)

    I'm so behind with visiting everyone lately but today I'm really trying to get caught up!! Happy Memorial Day to you and yours, dear Sandy. xoxo

  4. blessings on you Sandy!!!! and your new blog ... just popping by to say you are a real sweetheart and i smile when i think of my flipflopfloozie blogging pal!

  5. G'evening! ...
    I just stumbled across your site, and afore long was plumb hooked -- laughing and, more often than not, nodding in agreement.
    Thanks for brightening my evening, Sandy ... I'd like to go join your "followers" choir if I may.
    Have a good one!

  6. I know what you mean when you say busy, Sandy. Since I have retired, I've been busier than ever.

    I don't like the dentist either so I can empathise with you, it's painful enough without having to fork out a great load of money for treatment as well!

    I'm so glad Mike has got this job. What a load off your minds. Now, all you need is to sell your home...

    Your parents sound pretty wonderful for their years. My mum is still going...she's coming up 91. My father died 16 years ago and I still miss him.

    Anyway, I'm happy to hear life is going relatively well for you. Take care.

  7. Dentist stories always make me cringe! I think I'm finally up to date since I found you moved...Hope you're well. HUGS!